episensr: Basic Sensitivity Analysis of Epidemiologic Results

The R package episensr allows to do basic sensitivity analysis of epidemiological results as described in Applying Quantitative Bias Analysis to Epidemiological Data by Timothy L. Lash, Matthew P. Fox, and Aliza K. Fink (ISBN: 978-0-387-87960-4, bias.analysis). Example We will use a case-control study by Stang et al. on the relation between mobile phone use and uveal melanoma. The observed odds ratio for the association between regular mobile phone use vs. Read More

misclass: Sampling Strategies to Control for Misclassification Bias

R package to assess misclassification bias in hierarchical longitudinal studies and the effect of various sampling strategies to control for it. This package is part of the scientific paper “Diagnosing intramammary infection: Controlling misclassification bias in longitudinal udder health studies” (in press, Preventive Veterinary Medicine) and the 2017 SVEPM proceedings “Sampling Strategies to Control Misclassification Bias in Longitudinal Udder Health Studies” by Denis Haine, Ian Dohoo, Daniel Scholl, Henryk Stryhn, and Simon Dufour. Read More