Popularity of statistical softwares in epidemiology

Bob Muenchen has a series of articles on the Popularity of Data Science Software. He found that SPSS is the most used software, followed by R, SAS, Stata, GraphPad Prism, and MATLAB, by looking at scholarly articles in Google Scholar. He presents his methodology here. While he’s showing popularity (or market share) of several softwares for data science, statistical analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, business analytics, and business intelligence, I was always wondering what the results would be like for my specific field, epidemiology. Read More

Scientific collaboration patterns in cattle health research in Canada

I was curious to see if I could identify some patterns of collaboration and research topics in cow health research made in Canada. For this, I’m trying the R package bibliometrix. This package allows quantitative research in scientometrics and bibliometrics by providing different routines for importing bibliographic data from Scopus and ISI Web of Knowledge databases, and performing various bibliometric analyses. The Bibliometrix website provides a good tutorial that I will mainly follow, with the sole objective to satisfy my curiosity and have fun! Read More